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     "Mark is one of the best monitor engineers I've ever worked with. Any time one of my amps would go out, a mic wouldn't be placed properly, a cable broke, or something in my mix was off. It was almost as though he knew before I did.

     My mix was always so clear and it really made me feel confident when I was playing. Very rarely do you come across someone who has good communication skills, is attentive, and also has a very professional skill set. When you come across people like Mark, you want to keep him around as long as you can. He is a great asset to any team."

- Brantley Wheeler, Guitarist,

Real Life Christian Church

     "Mark worked on the location sound team for a short film I directed called "Spectrum". He was always punctual and professional on set and had a deep knowledge and understanding of sound. It was a pleasure to get to know and work with Mark and I intend on working with him in the future."

-John C. Arnold, Writer/Director,

Spectrum Film

Venue SC48 Instructional Video


     "Mark mixes audio both with an ear as a musician and a precision as an artist; he brings a unique vision that is fueled by his many areas of expertise in the arts that gives his work an appeal to many listeners. Mark's sound is the sound people expect.

     His knowledge of acoustics and live sound behavior is matched by his extensive education and real world experience in almost every incarnation of sound: live, film, and post, but the best part of Mark is his infectious good nature and bright optimistic approach to every new challenge he finds his ears and hands to work through."

-Stan Lindsey, Lighting Designer


"Mark is an awesome audio engineer with a wealth of knowledge of live event audio, audio for film, and studio practices. I've known Mark personally for over 7 years and you won't find anyone better to partner with in your audio needs. His attention to detail and integrity is surpassed by none."

-Andrew Ayers, Owner/CEO

StageCulture, LLC

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